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Group B

Founder of Brevity Studios Jeffrey Shum, Studio of SAI Founder Yung Sai Chun and Co-founders of Yellowdot Design Bodin Hon and Dilara Kan elaborated Kai-yin Lo’s design brief into a set of 3 jewellery cabinets. With the mentor advice from Joey Ho, Design Partner of interior design consultant PAL Design Group, they translated the past, present and future of Chinese jewellery organisers into 3 cabinets for different functions — displaying memories and keepsakes as jewels, keeping accessories for daily use and as time capsules for keeping treasures of the future. The set was produced with the assistance of May Leung (Profilia of West Germany (Far East) Ltd.) and Allen Kwong (Ming Tat Hong Group Hardware Supplies Co. Ltd).


Joey Ho


Bodin Hon

Dilara Kan

Jeffrey Shum

Yung Sai Chun


May Leung

Allen Kwong


Kai-yin Lo


About the piece

Time Trilogy

Cabinet of Memories (Past) / Landscape (Present) / Matrix of Inheritance (Future)
A Trio of Jewellery Boxes to Pass on the Tradition

Time Trilogy began by looking back at the history of traditional Chinese jewellery boxes. Our research has revealed a few interesting issues about jewellery box: 1. It was part of dowry to be passed on from generation to generation as a sense of CONTINUITY; 2. The design of the boxes has evolved with the LIFESTYLE of people; 3. The boxes are always OBJECTS of ART themselves telling stories and history. The team took these small interesting foundings as inspiration to develop three pieces of work with the concept of PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE.

The Past piece has rotating display dishes for important collection and will function as a memory display and keepsakes as jewels. The Present piece boasts a CNC landscape designed with storage function and will be a functional landscape for daily use. The Future piece comprises of flexible boxes plug-in with an acrylic framework and will store things for your future self or pass it on to the next generations.


PAST: High-gloss-painted wood, colour-filmed glasses

PRESENT: Spray-painted CNC wood, full-height mirror

FUTURE: Acrylic frame with painted/wood/mirror steel boxes