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About Freshwest

Freshwest was founded by childhood friends Marcus Beck and Simon Macro, who have long shared the same creative ideals. Both took First Class Honours degrees in Fine Art before uniting under the Freshwest banner in 2005. Their instinctive approach is to experiment with different genres, embracing both conceptual and functional design without compromising either. They have worked with Keith Griffith’s brief to create furniture that meld the best knowledge and practice of global design to the local unique situation.

Keith Griffiths X Freshwest


Clix is a series of three folding stools. The design was developed in response to architect Keith Griffiths’s brief to create ‘a product of fundamental use to an architect … so useful that the architect will treasure and use it all his working life.’ Griffiths also specified that the design should reflect an understanding of global cultures and his working philosophy, ‘local and global’.

The design, by Marcus Beck and Simon Macro of Freshwest, is a wood folding stool that an architect can take with him on site visits. Freshwest worked out the structure to be a configuration of timber sections that evoke both Chinese typography and the ancient Celtic symbols of Wales, where Griffiths was born and Freshwest now live and work.

The design has a hinged mechanism that allows the stool to fold flat with a satisfying ‘clix’ sound – for which it is named. The seat is designed to provide a handle for carrying when flat. While the main colour used is black, the visual accent is in the use of a single red element – a colour that is a powerful symbol in Chinese and Welsh culture and that features in both national flags.


Stool 1: 350 x 250 x 450 mm

Stool 2: 350 x 250 x 550 mm

Stool 3: 350 x 250 x 650 mm

Material: Beech stained black with red accent


Design: Keith Griffiths X Freshwest

Production: Joined + Jointed